Hand  Tied  Extensions

Why Hand Tied?

Hand Tied Extensions are the hottest, fastest, and least damaging method on the extension market today.

Installation is fast, with equally fast removal. This method uses absolutely no heat, tape, or glue. so there is NO DAMAGE. The Hair Extensions we use are real human hair so you can wash, dry, curl and flat iron.

Are Extensions Right  For You?

These Hair Extensions are great for  

  • Thinning hair

  • Fine hair

  • Short hair that would like to add some length

  • Long hair that would like to add thickness

  • Short hair that would like to add thickness or volume

  • Clients looking to add a new color without coloring the natural hair

These Hair Extensions can add length, thickness, volume, color or all the above. 


  • Current hair must be collar bone length or longer 

  • MUST prebook to maintain extensions every 6-8 weeks

  • Must ONLY use professional products

  • Must brush hair at least 2-3 times DAILY

  • In person consult is required

  • Hair must be paid for before installation appointment can be scheduled

Not for Clients Who

  • Do not brush their hair often

  • Wash their hair daily

  • Want "no maintence"

  • Prefer not to prebook

  • Are tender-headed

  • People with a sensitive scalp

  • Are not ready to invest in their hair

How Often Should I Come Back?

Move-ups are required every 6-8 weeks depending on texture, speed of hair growth, and home care. ​

With proper care, your new hair can last about 6-12 months.


Consult $25+

Install $90+

Blending $55+

Custom Coloring $90+

Removal $50+ (If there is matting and tangles it will be more)

Hair cost will depend on desired length and thickness. Packages are on the slide below. Cost will be totaled for individual during in person consult.

14" $168+

18" $230+

22" $338+

Plus Tax


Average Package

This is for the client looking to add volume or thickness.

This package includes:

1 weft of hair, blending and $120 worth in after care to maintain your extensions!

Price: $562+

Hair amount due when booking install (price varies depending on length)